Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Skin style

The Skin Style

This looks at Africa's art & craft relationship with surface decoration

The face style

The face style.

A style created to rediscover the mystic nature behind African masks.

Friday, April 24, 2009

African styling begins

'African styling'.

The African Automotive Design Association has taken on the challenge of defining a design language to be used in creating African cars of cars targeted to the African market. To do this, threads from African art and design were explored and evaluated stylistically in order to find elements that would be the building blocks of an Africa styling vocabulary.

This is an on going process that will see the vocabulary evolve steadily. So far the core terms that the AADA established are as follows. 'The Face' style and 'The Skin' style. 'The Face' style evolved from the world of contemporary African Masks. 'The skin' style on the other hand evolved from African decorative, and architectural design. Its not to say every car that exhibits characteristics of the said terms evolved from here, 'no not at all'; The AADA took an open opportunity to define what an Africa automotive style would look like and eventually establish it by tabulating it .

Keep following the development of the vocabulary as AADA members submit their styling terms.